Religion — Healthcare Ethics, Do the Twain Meet?

Sister Rosemary Flanigan, PhD, Program Associate

Kauffman Foundation
Kansas City, MO
July 08, 2009

What does it mean to have a "religious consciousness" and how does having such a consciousness affect our thinking as we deal with life and death issues as well as a host of bioethical issues facing us today?

In this lecture, Rosemary Flanigan, PhD explores how religion may affect healthcare policy.

Dr. Flanigan joined the board of the Center for Practical Bioethics in 1986 and served as its chair for one year. Following her retirement from Rockhurst University in 1992, she joined the Center's staff as a program associate.

Dr. Flanigan's work at the Center has been primarily with ethics committee members, healthcare professionals, and the lay community. Her passion is encouraging people to "do ethics." She is a gifted teacher who promotes the importance of dialogue among healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines.

In addition to consulting widely on hospital ethics committee education, case analysis, and policy review and development, Dr. Flanigan is also moderator of the Center's online discussion group and a frequent guest presenter at hospitals, professional, civic, and religious groups throughout the region.