A Physician's Reflections on Bioethics

Dr. Robert Potter, MD

Kauffman Foundation
Kansas City, MO
April 1, 2009

Dr. Robert Potter has done much to elevate ethical standards in the practice of medicine during a decade with the Center for Profile of Robert Lyman Potter, M.D., Ph.D. Practical Bioethics and today as Director of Ethics Education at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Dr. Potter's contributions began in the early 1990's as he observed the growing influence of the Center

through the work of Myra Christopher and Dr. Bill Bartholome. "The Center was starting the discussion on medical ethics in a very important way, certainly raising the bar on ethics and professionalism," Dr. Potter says.

In this lecture, Dr. Potter reflects on how the bioethics movement began, how it evolved to the present day, and its promise for the future.